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Obviously I'm a Software Engineer (Fullstack) with over 3 years of experience.


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My Intro

Very Interested in software development and graphic design since I was in high school. Always trying to learn from mistakes to improve myself and also learn something new to improve my skills. I like to learn on the job and am able to work well alone and with a team. I also like to spread the spirit of teamwork, able to work under pressure and on time for work.

Node JS 83%
React 78%
Laravel 75%
Vue 60%
Go 55%

What do i offer ?

System Analyst

The first step before moving your ordinary business into a digital business

Web App Development

Web Application is The Initial Solution for Introducing your Product

Mobile App Development

Mobile Application is Very Helpful and Easy to Use by Users


Work Experience

Oct 2021 - Present
Technical Lead | Full-time

Analysis, Design, Maintain and Lead Tech Team for Develop E-Learning Web and Mobile Application using Express JS, Go, Next JS, React, Flutter, Firebase, Redis and MySQL

Marva Cipta Indonesia
Aug 2021 - Sep 2022
Full Stack Engineer | Part-time

Analysis, Design, Develop and Maintain Security Checkpoint System with TCP Service using Express JS, React, and MySQL

Altaflix Techno Global
Jun 2021 - Jul 2022
Full Stack Engineer | Part-time

Analysis, Design, Develop and Maintain School Management Information System and E-Learning Web Application using Laravel, React, Firebase and PostgreSQL

Mar 2020 - Feb 2022
Full Stack Engineer

Analysis, design and develop Web and Mobile Application for clients on the Backend, Frontend and Database using various Technologies.

Ikatan Alumni Universitas Indonesia
May 2021 - Oct 2021
Full Stack Engineer | Part-time

Analysis, Design, Develop and Maintain Engineering Career and Internship Fair 2021 using Laravel 7 and MySQL

Garda Medica
May 2021 - July 2021
Full Stack Engineer | Full-time

Analysis, Design, Develop and Maintain Patient and Admin Hospital Management Information System using Lumen, Vue, Flutter, Firebase, MySQL and PostgreSQL

Mitrasoft Global Perdana
Nov 2020 - Jan 2021
Front End Developer | Part-time

Develop and Maintain Dashboard Website for Managing Information on Financial Statements of Islamic Banking Application using Vue and Flask

Trikerja Indonesia
May 2020 - Nov 2020
Full Stack Developer | Part-time

Analysis, Design, Develop and Maintain Online Course Website on Career Education using Laravel and MySQL

SMK Negeri 1 Cibinong
Dec 2020 - May 2020
Full Stack Developer | Part-time

Analysis, Design, Develop and Maintain School Data Center Web Application using Laravel, Vue and MySQL

I Am Available For Freelancer Projects.

I Have Experience in Analyzing and Creating a System for Applications and Developing Website and Mobile Application.


Works & Projects

E-Learning Web App


E-Learning Dashboard


UI/UX Design Learning Platform


Security Checkpoint

Marva Cipta Indonesia

Hyperloop Edu Pro

Altaflix Techno Global


Ikatan Alumni Universitas Indonesia

SIMRS Garda Mobile App

Garda Medica

SIMRS Garda Web App

Garda Medica

E-Voting Web App

Personal Project

Belanja Ikan Mobile App

Personal Project

Impor Ikan Web App

Personal Project

School Data Center Web App

SMK Negeri 1 Cibinong

IBA Report Web App

Mitrasoft Global Perdana

Kedai Kopi Web

Personal Project

Online Course Web App

Trikerja Indonesia

Tech Store Web App

Personal Project

IBA Mobile Management Web App

Mitrasoft Global Perdana


What My Clients or Partners Say

" We’ve worked together on several projects and Gufron is one of the best people to have as a partner. I highly recommend her to Fullstack Engineer, as he is very competent in this field. He knows how to help her pairs and get the best out of them. "

Ridwan Nugroho
Lead Engineer at Virus Media Investara

" Gufron dan saya bekerja bersama dalam beberapa proyek, dan saya beruntung memanggilnya rekan kerja saya. Dia secara konsisten memberikan upaya 100 persen kepada tim dan memainkan peran penting dalam memastikan bahwa kami menyelesaikan tugas tepat waktu. "

Abd Majid Hamid
Tech Lead at Mazido

" Selama bekerja sama dengan mas Gufron, ternyata mas Gufron adalah orang yang suka belajar hal baru, cepat memahami apa yang di pelajari (fast learner), menerima masukkan oleh rekan kerja dengan baik dan tidak segan bertanya jika ada sesuatu yang kurang clear. "

Ahmad Muzzaki
Software Engineer Frontend at Warung Pintar

" Gufron might be the most analytical person I know. He is always fast to respond, intelligent and comes up with creative solutions to difficult problems. Assisting her was a smooth and organized process. He was always available when needed and did not hesitate to share her market knowledge. I’d gladly work with Gufron again. "

Rizki Arima
Chief Technology Officer at Cariilmu.co.id

" A professional person with a high passion in technology and stuff. "

Rian Triti Yanuar
Software Engineer Frontend at ICUBE by SIRCLO

" We collaborate, determine the best flow for an application. Lucky to be in a team with you, Gufron! "

M Robbi Zulfikar
Fullstack Developer at Alba Digital Teknologi
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